Monday, May 7, 2012


alright, so after much work, many phone calls, and about 4000 texts, we got the camp site situation handled like a mug.

we are now ALL in camp site G1 in jedediah smith redwood state park.. party zone, war zone, construction zone, whatever you wanna call it... the site holds 55 humans/people and has 17 car parking spots...more on that below

the site is paid for for friday nite and saturday night and we will be asking for donations to pay those of us who stepped up and paid for this spot in advance. it is expensive but will break down to be pretty cheap, so the more people you bring, the better. i have no idea a head count and wont until we are all there, so mathematically, it is quantatatively impossible for me to tell you or you how much it will cost to camp. it wont be much...looking like 15 bucks a nite or less... and hopefully that will weed out the cheap bastards that were gonna drink all the beer with out bringing any of their own... lets just say, right now, its all on my credit card with a whole lotta help from the following humans...
pod, celiesse, mike, cheryl, clayton, cassandra, pretty ricky, and myself... yea, self props, fuck it and a huge thanks to those helped make this happen.. you guys deserve plaques or some other shit.

for sunday night, if theres enough people with money to get the G1 spot again, we can pool together and make it work... or we can all go our own ways and camp else where.. the coast, hilton, perkos, etc... sounds sad but is true.

ranger robert says we can park as many bikes on the asphalt as we can... so, if anyone wants to bring an extra bike or even extra bike parts, please do...

casey, i expect you to bring the blow up doll again.

heres the site details in case youre interested in site details...

check the .. Site Details:

Site Reserve Type: Site-Specific
Checkin Time: 2:00 pm
Checkout Time: 12:00 pm
Type of Use: Overnight
Min Num of People: 9
Max Num of People: 55
Max Num of Vehicles: 17
Driveway Length: 32

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  1. Coming down from Portland. I definitely want a parking spot. I will have my camera and be shooting photos.